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Accept The Challenge TV
It is their hope that through Accept The Challenge TV they can share their exotic hunts and educate others on the ultimate hunting experience. Read more… We are proud to announce Starting in July 2014 "Accept The Challenge" TV will be airing on FoxSports South Sat 9:00 AM Est.

The American Way
is a complete high energy outdoor adventure ride, that is home to all you working class, blue collar outdoor junkies. We are hardworking, blue collar, middle class working folks just like most of you. We pack our lunches and head to work every day to provide for our families and chase the American Dream. Read more… Monday / 9.30 PM Eastern 8.30 PM Central - Thursday / 9.00 AM Eastern / 8.00 AM Central - Saturday / 4.00 PM Eastern /3.00 PM Central Pursuit Channel / #240 on DISH Network  #608 on DIRECT TV.

Buckmasters entertains and educates deer hunters with current strategies and technology from the most respected experts in the field. Read more… This show is on the Sportsman Channel via DirecTV and Dish Network.- Tuesday 7:30am- Wednesday 12:30pm- Sunday 7:30pm.

Buckventures Outdoors
Buckventures Outdoors (BVO) is all about big whitetail deer. We hunt 100% fair chase ONLY! Our company and prostaff are made up of real hunters that love God's great outdoors. Read more… This show is on the Outdoor Channel.- Tuesday 12:30PM- Thursday 12:30pm- Sunday 12:30pm.

Deer City USA
Countless hunters around this country agree that the biggest deer are in and around town. In fact, many homeowners are spotting giant whitetails in their own backyards. It is this evolving fact that led to Deer City USA. Read more… This show is on the The Outdoor Channel via DirecTV and Dish Network.- Sat 12:30pm- Tues 1:00pm- Wed 7:00am.

Headhunter Chronicles
Headhunter Chronicles is a television series focused on the pursuit of all huntable animals worldwide by renowned big game hunter Jason Bruce. The series follows Jason on his quest as he chases the ring in SCIs World Hunting Awards Program. Read more… This show is on The Sportsman Channel via DirecTV and Dish Network.- Saturday at 11AM EST, Friday at 3:30PM EST, Tuesday at 5:00PM EST.

O' Neill Outside
Ever since I can remember I have been doing something in the outdoors. Whether its fishing, hunting, no matter what it is, if it's related to the outdoors I'll be there! I've been fortunate these many years to share my outdoor experiences with you via TV and radio. Read more… This show airs on Pursuit Channel - Thursdays at 1:00 PM - Wednesdays at 1:30 AM - Saturdays at 3:00 PM

On The Right Track
Here at On The Right Track our focus is to try and make you feel like you're right there with us on the hunt having fun. Our goal is to be as professional as we can be and bring you as many over the shoulder shots at monster Critters as we possibly can. Read more… This show airs on Sportsman Channel.

Open Season TV
Open Season Television is a family-oriented program bringing you the best in hunting and fishing from around the world. Our Pro-Staff team travels far and wide to capture superior hunting and fishing adventures in the highest-quality video. One feature that sets Open Season apart is our multiple camera technique that makes you feel like you're right there with us in the field. Read more…This show airs on the Pursuit Channel : Dish Network 240 - Direct TV 608 - We are also on - Mon 7:30PM est, Wed 11:30PM est, Fri 6:30 PM est - Sat noon est.

Roger Raglin Outdoors
Join host Roger Raglin for one exciting whitetail adventure after another. Roger Raglin Outdoors features all big game but is predominately whitetail hunting utilizing a variety of hunting methods: Read more… This show only airs on the Outdoor channel - Tuesday 6am -  Wednesday 12 pm - Saturday 9pm EST.

Shoot Straight TV
Every week Chad, Marsha, Walker and Wyatt take you on hunting and fishing adventures around the world. The Schearer family provides valuable lessons on Blackpowder Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Archery Hunting, Game Calling, Elk Hunting and General Hunting Techniques. Read more… This show airs on the Pursuit Channel - Monday - 3:00 pm EST - Tuesday 10:00 PM EST -Friday 5:30 pm EST shown nationwide and CBS - Sunday 6:00 am MST-Thursday in Montana.

Steves Outdoor Adventures
is a high adrenaline big game hunting program featuring western big game hunting at its finest. No tree-stand whitetail hunts, turkey hunts, or bass fishing on this show. Join Steve as he pursues his quest to complete a super slam of North America with his CVA muzzleloader Read more… This show airs every Saturday at 5pm EST 1:30PM EST on Friday afternoons and 1:30AM EST Only on the Outdoor channel.

Tim Roller's Whitetail Journey
In a day and age of over-the-top hunting productions centered around high fences, giant tracks of managed ground, and outfitters, Whitetail Journey appeals to the vast majority of whitetail hunters across the country that have to get it done on their own. Read more… This show airs in July to December on Sportsman Channel.

Travelin' Hunter
Hosted by Tony Smotherman, This show highlights not only the challenges and successes of the hunts but the adventures, great times, and characters that you meet while on the road. This is not a show based solely on big whitetails, but critters big and small...Tony likes to hunt 'em all! and So will you. See more.… This show can be seen on The Sportsman Channel on Sunday nights at 9:30pm EST.

WHitetail Freaks
Whitetail Freaks follows the adventures of a motley crew of hardcore, hard-working whitetail hunters as they spend countless hours in search of mega bucks and memorable hunts with family and friends. Created and hosted by renowned whitetail authorities and fan favorite television personalities Don & Kandi Kisky, Whitetail Freaks highlights every aspect of successful whitetail management and top-notch trophy hunting - from food plot planting to hanging treestands to tracking pre-season big buck movement to the selective harvesting of only the biggest, most mature whitetails. Read more… This show airs on Monday 7:00AM est - Tuesday 5:00 AM est - Thursday 4:00 PM est - Thursday 7:30 PM est - Friday 2:30 AM only on the Outdoor channel.

Wild Game Nation TV
Wildgame Nation is a reality hunting show that takes an inside look at a dad and two sons who run a real American outdoor company named Wildgame Innovations. This show documents the lives of Bill, Matt and Ryan Busbice with a reality-style approach that shows them hunting, traveling and working together. Read more… This show airs on Sunday 8:30 PM est - Friday 4:00 PM est  - Monday 1:30 AM est - Saturday 11 AM only on the Outdoor channel.

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