Transcript for Dangerous Muzzleloader Practices video


Hi, I’m Dudley McGarity, CEO of Blackpowder Products, Inc., the owner of the CVA brand.

Today I want to demonstrate to you what NOT to do with your muzzleloader. 

Improperly loading a muzzleloader can cause serious injury or death.  It is our hope that this demonstration will encourage you to be even more careful in your loading practices.

The two most common causes of muzzleloader barrel failures are 1.)  the use of modern smokeless powders, and 2.)  barrel obstructions.

Believe it or not, some people have actually loaded modern smokeless powders into their muzzleloader on purpose – attempting to develop high performance loads perhaps.  Others have done this by mistake – buying the wrong type of powder, for example.  Either way, make no mistake about it, loading modern smokeless powder into a muzzleloader can kill you or maim you for life.

Our first demonstration will be with modern smokeless powder.  We are going to load three different guns – a CVA Apex, a T/C Triumph, and a Knight Long Range Hunter – with the same load of modern smokeless powder and a saboted bullet.  We will use 100 grains of Hodgdon HS-6, measured by volume, in each gun.

Then, each gun will be mounted onto a Led Sled and fire remotely.

Here we go.

First the CVA.

Now the T/C.

And, now the Knight.

As you can see every one of these guns failed catastrophically.  How would like to have been holding any one of them when this happened?

Here’s the CVA Apex.  Here’s the T/C Triumph.  And here’s the Knight Long Range Hunter.

Next, let’s see what a barrel obstruction can do.  First of all, a barrel obstruction can be caused by any number of things – mud in the barrel, the “short starting” of a bullet, or even a ramrod left in the barrel.  
We are going to demonstrate the obstruction failure by loading a second bullet half way down the barrel of these two guns – a CVA Kodiak Pro and a T/C Omega.

First, we will load 3 Pyrodex Pellets followed by a 444 grain PowerBelt.

Now, we will push another PowerBelt half way down the barrels.

And here’s the test.

The CVA.

And the T/C.

As with the earlier guns, holding one of these is not where you want to be.

I hope that these demonstrations will serve as reminders to you each time you load your muzzleloader.  
Here are a few safety tips you should always follow.

Make sure you are paying close attention through the entire loading process – lack of concentration is the most common cause of double loading.  

Make sure that the gun is unloaded prior to starting the loading process – the best way to do this is to remove the breech plug and visually check the barrel.

Verify that the propellant you are using is indeed a either the correct granulation of black powder or an approved substitute.  Do not accept unknown propellants or unmarked containers from anyone else.

Make sure that there is no rust or corrosion in the barrel, as even this could cause the barrel to react as if it were obstructed.

And lastly, load your own gun.  Your life is too important to trust this to anyone else.

Thanks for watching. 

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